Hospice Huronia, did you know...

On March 2nd, 2015, a representative of Hospice Huronia visited our location. Carol gave us a brief presentation reminding us of the important role that Hospice Huronia plays in our community and how our role, as volunteers through donations, can have such a profound impact on their organization. 

Shortly after Carl left we began sharing stories with one another about our own experiences... it became VERY obvious how important such an organization was and that it was time to show more support...


Here's a few links to speed you on your way to becoming involced in such a wonderful and valuable resource in our community...

Their website : www.hospicehuronia.ca

How to apply to become a volunteer : www.hospicehuronia.ca/application

An how you can get a hold of them : www.hospicehuronia.ca/Content/Contact_Us or

25 Jefferey Street
Penetanguishene, ON  L9M 1K6
Phone: 705-549-1034
Fax: 705-549-5366
Email: info@hospicehuronia.ca

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- Our Lady of the Rosary
- Paroisse Sainte-Croix
- Saint Ann's
- Saint Florence Chapel
- Saint Patrick's
Raising funds and helping people in our local community and more... How we can be contacted
Call us at 705.549.3111
or email us at
We're here to help...
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