Be wary of, “Grandma, it’s me...I need help...please don’t tell anyone”

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding citizens that emergency scams target vulnerable persons and seniors by playing upon their emotions and rob them of their money.

Each year, emergency scam artists contact thousands of citizens and many people get scammed in their rush to help. Many victims are hesitant to say ‘no’ or to hang up on someone on the phone, which makes them easy targets for criminals to access substantial sums of money.

Here's the Offical Notice as supplied by our local OPP.

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- Our Lady of the Rosary
- Paroisse Sainte-Croix
- Saint Ann's
- Saint Florence Chapel
- Saint Patrick's
Raising funds and helping people in our local community and more... How we can be contacted
Call us at 705.549.3111
or email us at
We're here to help...
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